What We Do

VBS Custom Videos…are the solution you need to stay ahead of the competition. Because of the low-cost, time efficient service we provide, you can record and have your videos ready for review in a matter of minutes. You become the “professional” with our support team of marketing consultants, production experts, internet gurus, search engine optimization leaders, social media strategists and highly-skilled creative designers and specialists. Your custom videos will reach and engage more searchers through search engine optimization (SEO) and the use of social media. Visitors to your website will be regularly seeing new video content which will distinguish you and your business from others. Visitors watch your custom videos and stay on your site longer- converting into serious potentials who will call and email to ask questions and make appointments.

Your Legal Reporter…Potential clients are looking for answers to their legal questions online every day. When people are going online searching for an attorney, they have lots of choices. But they are looking for that special expert with the personal touch… a face and a voice they feel they can trust… an attorney who can represent them in court and in negotiations. Your Legal Reporter Visual Blogs are professionally produced, television news packages targeted to your specific practice area. Our Your Legal Reporter news anchor, Patrick Comer, interviews you electronically from the convenience of your office- saving you time and money. Potential clients can take the opportunity to “meet” you, before calling for an appointment. You can use your videos on your website, in your emails and with your social media marketing. It’s an easy, effective and affordable way to build your practice while being the recognized legal resource online. Find out more on the Your Legal Reporter website.