Video Is Critical

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You’ll need to have your own equipment. But what equipment? At last count, there were over 1,000 camera possibilities alone. And what about microphones? Lighting? Tripods? And at what cost? Now you have your equipment. How do you use it? How do you get a high-definition finished video? You’ll need to know about lighting, audio, camera angles, and what to wear, too. You need to figure out what your video will say, what it will look like, how long it should be.

Once you’ve shot your video, you’ll then have to edit it and add special effects and graphics. You’ll need to enhance your video sound. Then how do you distribute your completed videos so people get to see them? Do you want your video to show up on Google and other internet searches? OK, you’ll surely need video site maps, key words, meta-tags, transcripts, and more. You’ll then need to hire a video search engine optimization specialist firm. That’s a lot to do. Do you want to go to school? How long will it take?

You could hire a production team and separate distribution specialists to do it all, but that’s going to cost you big bucks. We’ve got a better solution. It’s us, VBS Custom Video. We are an award winning team of professionals. We have spent years researching and creating the simplest professional most cost effective way for you to record your own videos. We walk you through every step. In a matter of minutes you are up and ready to record your first video.

After your video is recorded, we do all the work for you. We do the editing. We add your logo and graphics. We enhance the image and sound qualities. And we don’t stop there. We do what it takes to get your video seen. You make your professional videos in minutes when and where you want to. They are ready for use in your marketing program within days.

With us it costs a few hundred dollars for each completed video, not thousands of dollars. With us you have your videos in days, not weeks or months. You are not going to find a simpler, more cost effective or quicker way to create videos which create more customers for you.

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